Sheila Corneil · #005 Matthew Taub – Family, Fitness & Connection

Guest Matthew Taub – Family, Fitness and Connection

Family looks different and feels different for everyone, but if you are lucky enough to have a family, no matter what it looks like, you will agree it is a connection like no other. We are born into a life we did not choose yet adapt to. Adopted at birth into a loving family Matthew never felt he was missing anything. When he grew up and had his own family his wife and 3 sons became his main priority.

Raising children is busy and challenging for anyone, but doing so as a full time fitness professional provides a unique set of circumstances. Find out how Matthew found a way to balance it all while recently also discovering and getting to know his birth family for the first time. In the end what we discovered is that family means connection and completion and can be found anywhere, anytime, regardless of bloodlines.

Matthew Taub is a 25 year fitness industry veteran, an international fitness presenter and fitness educator. While working with personal trainers and studio owners as well as having multiple leadership roles in big box fitness facilities his passion for helping others grew. His path has led him out of the gym and into the lives of individuals seeking change. He now spends much of his time working on his newest program, called Effort and Attitude, which is designed for individuals focused on change either in their business or personal life.

Whether it be the members in his studios, clients or staff he works with, being a part of someone’s ability to reach the next level in their life is what motivates Matthew to continue to help others every day.

Want to get start with a better Effort and Attitude? Reach out to Matthew today!