“Nothing lasts forever” and “this too shall pass” are phrases we often hear which are intended to comfort us as we pass through change. They can either reason with our desire to hang on or reassure us as we let go. 

There are many times during life-altering change when you may feel lonely thinking you are the only one who has ever had to navigate their way through such unfamiliar territory. One thing I have learned during periods of change in my life is that although I often felt lonely, I was never alone. The support I needed was always there when I opened myself up to receive it.

Wherever you are on the continuum of change, either holding on or letting go, I hope you find comfort, inspiration, motivation, and guidance within these pages.

Praise for The Art of A Fresh Start

“This brilliantly written eBook is relatable, powerful, and deeply practical in terms of how to approach fear, face change, and manage the feelings of starting over.  Sheila shares relatable personal experiences and the mindset and strategies used to overcome many obstacles. The clarity in which she writes, removes the energy of overwhelm and guides you to believe in your ability to figure things out. If you are feeling lost or stuck currently, allow this book to unlock the “Art of Starting Over.” The wisdom in this book will ignite the light at the end of the tunnel.” Michael Doyle, Speaker, Author and Coach; Author of At the Helm

“Sheila has hit the nail on the head with The Art of A Fresh Start. She has created an easy-to-read handbook to managing new or ongoing challenges with grace and dignity. Read this book if you want to be inspired.” Rod Macdonald, CEO Certified Coaches Federation

“Sheila has created a hands-on guide to identifying the change you want and many great tangible tips to help you step into your courage and achieve your Fresh Start. If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. Grab a notebook and pen; you will want to get started right away.” Deb Singer, MOSSA Master Trainer; Professor Humber College

“Sheila NAILED IT! The way it was written, delivered and timed was totally aligned with what is needed right now. No matter what page I opened the book to, it continued to speak to me with great clarity. With a subject matter that can be very complicated Sheila managed to position such powerful information in a very simple and comprehensive way. Very well done!” Brian DeCastro, Human Performance Coach; Founder of The Domestic Athlete Inc.