IMAGE; a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.

INSIGHT; the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.

Our life is a canvas and we are the artist. We are born with no concept of the image we portray on the blank canvas which we are given. Our insights only come to us as we paint and add to the masterpiece that will sum up our time on this earth, in this body.

It seems as we grow into adults we are molded intrinsically by our life circumstances, ideas, and experiences. As our bodies and minds grow in a fundamental way we are provided with the tools we need to simply survive, but we may also experience, from time to time, the glimmer of an idea and an opening of our mind to a concept that once seemed foreign and unfamiliar.

Maybe the image of ourselves that we see is not real?

Maybe we have been following a pattern while creating our masterpiece instead of learning to color outside the lines.

What if we were to discover that more lay beneath the surface, that we actually have talent beyond our wildest imagination?

What if we were to ponder the possibility that there is a truth we were not told and that truth is we can be so much more.

Every intuitive thought or feeling gives us greater capacities to not only gain a deeper understanding of the image we see of ourselves, but of that which others see when they look at us.

Walking the path of intuition and allowing it to guide us is a journey we will never regret. It leads us to a much larger canvas and brighter colors with which to paint a mural full of dreams fulfilled, love unleashed, and fears overcome.

Within the masterpiece we call our life there is comfort in knowing that once you leave this place people will admire the work of art you left behind; a beautiful landscape of images from which they can gain insights of their own.

I hope you enjoy the insights I have gathered throughout my life and that you can use them to create your own grand work of art!

Love and Hugs,