What does fitness mean to you? For me it’s about keeping up with all the things I want to do. It’s about having the stamina to go the distance. It’s about truly experiencing life and all it has to offer without pain or fatigue or self doubt wondering if I am good enough. It’s about having the confidence to adamantly claim that life and to stand strong in who I am. My goal is to be fit enough to JUST BE ME and I will never compare myself to you.

FIT TO BE ME is a movement towards bravery.

FIT TO BE ME is a movement towards authenticity.

FIT TO BE ME is a movement towards eliminating comparison and embracing authenticity.

It’s about redefining fitness to be about living the life you choose.

It’s about owning your goals as uniquely yours without the need to resemble someone else.

It’s a movement to bring self esteem back into the gym by a group of women who know beyond definition just WHO THEY ARE and why they are exercising in the first place.

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