Fit To Be Me started as a group about redefining what health and fitness means to you without concern for what an industry tells you it should mean or what it should look like.

Fit To Be Me Over 50 is all that with the added consideration of what it means to live a vibrant, happy and healthy live as a woman growing older.

Things are changing. Some we can control and others we cannot. Growing older while trying to deny what is happening and hang onto youth as we once knew it is exhausting!

We are entering an age where we must allow more than ever a more peaceful acceptance of life in it’s many stages.

It’s about finding a new level of confidence in your own physical abilities that allows you to live a life full of new experiences.

In this private Facebook group we share collectively, as a community, our accomplishments and our setbacks.

We share our ideas on all things health and fitness related, we support each other, we encourage each other, we inspire each other but most importantly we respect each other.

Thanks for being here!