Welcome to Don’t Look Down, a podcast about every day people taking the high road through some of lives most challenging times.

What did they learn?

How did they grow?

And what tools can they provide to help others who may be facing the same challenges.

I felt compelled to create this platform when I took a long look at what inspires me and realized it’s people. The same people you encounter every day.

I love to read stories or watch movies about remarkable humans who face hardship and rise above it with dignity and courage and grace.

These stories teach me and touch me and give me hope.

I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people in my career. They paid me to motivate and encourage them to better health and fitness, but it’s what I received that was true magic.

They trusted me, they listened to me, they believed in me and they gave me a voice.

These were all things I had looked for my entire life and it was in my job, more than anywhere else, that I finally found it.

I have come to realize these are things we all seek.

We want to be seen and we want to be heard, and in our efforts to feel those things we often feel the desire to help others feel them too.

Life is beautiful but it is not always kind, and when it is testing us the fastest way through fear is on the wings of love, acceptance and friendship.

This is your platform.

I created it for you.

It’s a place to listen and be heard.

It’s a place to share your story and support others.

It’s a place to rise and to lift.

We are stronger as one and together we grow!