You can live the healthiest life and still live in fear.

It’s the fear itself that will cause disease.

You can eat healthy while hating the body you are feeding.

This is an action full of resistance to all the good the healthy food will bring.

It is your mindset that matters most.

When I get caught in negative thoughts I now know to move to distraction.

Anything that will take my mind to a more positive and less resistant place.

Sometimes it’s exercise and sometimes it’s baking a cake or watching trashy TV.

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it raises my vibration.

The key is to do it quickly, as quickly as possible before momentum kicks in.

Do it before that one negative thought takes you down a rabbit hole you won’t be able to climb out of.

This is difficult but I am getting better because I am more aware.

Now when I feel negative I notice it immediately every single time.

Sometimes I can stop it better and faster than others but I do always stop it.

This has been a challenging few days for me, full of disappointment.

I didn’t get something I really wanted.

My super power is to get excited about doors that are about to open because this one closed and leave this behind me as soon as I can.

Disappointment comes from fear, fear that this was the best thing and something better isn’t coming.

I put my fear in a box.

I know it’s there but I don’t look at it.

It will lose it’s power over me eventually.

We are in the dead of winter and in the middle of a pandemic.

The days are dark.

Staying uplifted is a challenge for everyone at this time.

Things will get better.

This pandemic has done so much damage but the worst thing has been it’s global spread of fear.

Our new normal won’t be so new because it’s human nature to fall back into old patterns, but we will get back to living without so much fear.

We will recover in all ways but first we must overcome the fear that we won’t.

I heard a wonderful line in a movie the other day;

“You won’t know until you get there that you’re okay.”