Fitness is a feeling…an experience…a state of mind. Fitness is what allows your body to do anything you ask it to do and as a woman we know how much you are asked to do.

There is such complexity to being a woman today. It used to be simple, hard work, but simple. Being born a female to the human species meant simply that we were raised to commit our lives to our families, period. Any deviation from that whether through our thoughts, dream or desires or by physically removing ourselves from those obligations meant suffering in some way. To want more but not be able to have it because of our domestic obligations leaves a deep feeling of missed opportunity and unreached potential. But to forgo the domestic life in order to pursue another purpose leaves an even deeper void as we deny that which has not only been set in our psyche but lies deep within our genetic makeup. We are physical vessels designed for the purpose of procreation. We are the caregivers and the emotional anchors. We are the nucleus and we are important.

There is a struggle inside women of today and it’s a torturous battle between physical and non-physical. There are no male and female souls; there are only male and female bodies. You came into this physical body to learn and evolve as a spiritual being. You chose a female or a male body based on what you have come here to learn. Your soul is reaching for the greatest lessons and the greatest challenges and you are meant to succeed. Your choice to be a mother, a wife, and a caregiver are deeply ingrained in what it means to be a woman. It is a path you should follow and fulfill because it is in you to do so. But to deny that which is in you to accomplish outside of your role as a woman is to deny the greatest heights of growth and evolution which your spirit desires.

I believe as women we have always had this struggle but in past generations few women dared to deviate from the role which society had defined for them. It was a gradual process led by a few courageous leaders guiding the movement towards women’s liberation that began our emergence out of domesticity and into fulfillment outside the home. 

So the challenge is this, how do we fuel both desires? How do we fulfill our organic physical desire to have and nurture a family while also reaching our souls desire of personal growth, spiritual evolution and contribution to the world at large. For the lucky few these desires are one in the same but for the rest of us we must find a way to accomplish both or be content in forgoing one for the other. That is your choice and no one can help you make it but once made it is your responsibility, if you are ever to find peace and happiness in this life, to be content with your decision and live in gratitude of all the wonderful things that come with it.

So what does physical fitness have to do with any of this? From what I have seen not only in my own life but by working with thousands of women over my 30 year career is that most women choose to accomplish both roles and struggle because they are so tired and depleted in their lives that they can’t find satisfaction in either role. The only way you are ever going to be able to do both and maintain your physical and emotional health is to maintain your physical and emotional health. Being fit and healthy will give you the energy you need to be a better parent, a more attentive wife, a more passionate lover, a more diligent friend and coworker, a more productive and inspired employee and a more fulfilled spiritual being as you reside in your most beautiful physical body ever. Being a woman today requires the ability to flex your muscles. Isn’t it time to show the world on the outside what you possess on the inside?