These are two separate challenges.

Without the KNOWING you can never get to the ACTION.

And without ACTION you can never create change.

What is stopping you? KNOWING or ACTION?

I am good at both, most of the time.

Especially when I really want it.

But sometimes I need help too.

I have been a fitness and lifestyle coach for 3 decades.

That is a profession that is ONLY about creating change.

Determining WHAT needs to change, the HABITS that will get you there and CONSISTENTLY applying them.

So by doing this for so long in the fitness world while growing up, getting married, having children, raising children, building a business, getting divorced, letting go of my business, being without a home, without a job, without my family, losing myself, finding myself, creating a new life and learning to love every part of it means I am awesome at CHANGE!

So now I coach CHANGE.

And CHANGE requires CREATIVITY and the ability to think outside the box.

So I coach CREATIVITY too!

What do you want?

Why don’t you have it?

Do you WANT help?

(Notice I did not say need because if you want something and don’t have it yet you likely do need help but maybe aren’t ready and that’s totally okay).

But if you are open to talk I’m here.

Just friends talking about life.

Have a wonderful day!

Sheila xo