You don’t owe the world anything.

You don’t owe it a healthy body.

You don’t owe it financial abundance.

You don’t owe it perfect parenting.

You don’t owe it kindness and compassion.

You don’t even owe it your own happiness.

You owe all that to yourself.

You are worth being the very best you can be.

Nobody else deserves it from you, YOU deserve it FOR you.

When you feel you are doing it for others it leads to overwhelm, guilt, and a misguided sense of purpose which ultimately leaves you feeling empty.

We live in a selfish society yet no one is selfish enough to give themselves everything they need to be their best selves and to live their best lives. 

What does it meant to “Do your best”? We hear it all the time. “But I did my best!” Did you? What is left after you do your best? How do you feel after you do your best? COMPLETELY spent that’s how you feel. In my HIIT classes I tell my participants you need to earn your rest. If you don’t absolutely need it you didn’t work hard enough.

Earn your rest. Do your best. Then recover and do it again, over and over and over. 

But the truth is that some days you can’t, don’t or won’t give it our all. Some days you just have to show up to life and grind through another day. But that can’t be every day, it can’t even be the majority of days. Accept those days as a reminder of what your best feels like and get back there but don’t chide yourself into believing you did your best when you didn’t. 

Your best isn’t in comparison to others your best is only in comparison to what you truly want and desire for your life. If you dream big you work hard. Period. I believe the problem isn’t in the lack of work it’s in the lack of dreaming. Work doesn’t feel like work when a powerful vision is driving you. Doing your best is easy when you feel the results before they arrive. 

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to have and experience?

How many lives do you want to touch?

What are your shining moments? 

Mine are when I leave my excuses behind. Transformation happens when I courageously move into an unknown space and own it. When I become what is missing in my life and fill the gap not with another distraction but with action founded in purpose. 

Reference those moments. Look back on your life and find your dream and then truly do your best to fulfill it not for anyone else but YOU.