I generally only post positive, uplifting and inspiring content on social media. Sometimes I throw in some humour and a few life lessons combined with snippets of my life. Everything we post is generally all about us. Thoughts, moments and ideas we feel we need to share with the world hoping to connect in some way. That’s because we all need connection. We can say we are loners or introverts with social phobias but without connection we feel lost, lonely and lacking purpose. Our posts help us find purpose whether by gaining attention or sympathy when we are struggling, praise when we succeed, comments when we have an opinion or maybe just a LIKE to tell us that someone took the time to read, to recognize and to connect.

So why is this medium so addictive? Because we are starving for connection. The problem is it’s too easy to connect this way and it distracts us from the depth of human contact. It’s easy to convince yourself that what you are doing here matters and that the world is a better place because of your message. But the likes and the smiley faces, the teary emojis and the hearts cannot replace an open heart in the real world. We have become distracted from maintaining a deeper connection with ourselves. We have lost the ability to connect with a thought that’s not connected with a post. In this exceedingly noisy world you must be aware of the volume and learn to turn it down.