Today I will forgive decisions that led me astray for they circled me back to this place and these people. Today I will forgive the indecisions that kept me stuck for they allowed me to stay long enough to commit to this growth now more than ever.

Today I will forgive the debt I may have accumulated as I remember the beautiful experiences spending that money gave me. The time with family and friends, the gifts I gave to myself and to others, the home I built and the car I drove that gave me freedom to see new places and do new things. I have enjoyed building this life and now I am ready to desire less and live more from a place of freedom and peace of mind around money.

Today I will forgive the times when I did not step into my power. Times when I moved in directions not meant for me because I denied my inner voice of intuition. I am grateful because those directions taught me things I never would have learned and brought me full circle to this moment where I recognize the difference. I am ready to tap into my natural strengths and I am completely open to the new directions they will take me.

Today I will forgive myself for the energy I have wasted following a path that wasn’t right for me, spending time with people who didn’t fill me up and depleting myself to please others. Today I am grateful for the fatigue my soul feels because it’s that fatigue that has resigned me to accept there is a better way. Today I feel empowered to give back to myself all I allowed the world to take from me recognizing that I am not a victim I was simply misinformed. Today I see that my energy is all I have, it’s truly all I am and I can fill it up or give it up whenever I choose.

Today I say thank you to my beautiful body that contains my soul and gives me the opportunity to participate in this life. Today I will forgive myself for the decisions I made that have prevented me from living in my best body. Today I forgive the extra desserts because they brought me pleasure in the moment. Today I forgive the dinners out with friends and too much wine because they helped me build relationships that enhance my world. Today I forgive all the workouts I skipped because I was tending to family or building a career. Today I choose to see all the beautiful experiences gaining this weight allowed me but I am ready now to embrace something different. I am ready to feel good about my body right now and live the best life I can by caring for it. Today I am ready to be kind to myself.

Living with love means starting with yourself.