In the blistering heat on a hot summer day I turn my face to the sun and ask “Why do you beat upon me so? I can find no shelter to escape from the intensity of your rays and I can’t see for the blinding of your light. I am stripped naked yet I grow more agitated by the minute. I am burning and I am at your mercy!”

I am crying in pain and I need a reprieve. Just a short reprieve to heal my wounds and catch my breath and figure out what to do next. But the more I fight the elements the more it hurts. And so I sit, and I give in to the incessant fire that surrounds me and I know that my only chance for survival is acceptance of that which I cannot change and an inner pursuit of the answers that come when I embrace what I can.

The sun burns bright every day and it can either burn you or nourish you in growth. Today I will grow.

I will grow because it is my intention.

I will grow because it beats the alternative.

I will grow because in my growth others grow.

Today I will grow because it is all I truly know how to do.

No matter how difficult the process I will choose growth in times of hardship because I know that nothing happens outside of me that doesn’t first happen within me.

I will grow because I am free to do so in the face of any circumstances.

I will grow because the ability to do so is a gift bestowed upon me by the Universe.

I will grow because no matter how difficult the process, I believe dying is worse.

Today I will grow and I accept that I will never become resislient to the harsh rays of the sun for it is because of them that I will continue to grow all the days of my life and beyond.