I want to know that I can be the one your heart beats for, the love you’ll come to breathe for.
When you awake every day it’s from a dream that I’m beside you, and with eyes still closed a tiny smile appears when you realize I am.
True love never tries.
It melts in the palm of the one holding your hand and makes you never want to let go.
It hurts when you’re apart. It burns through your chest and takes your breath away when you’re together.
It opens the heavens when you make love and sweeps your soul away to a place where you are more at peace than you’ve ever been.
To have this you must let go and allow it.
You must feel with all of your senses and disengage all thought.
True love never tries it just is, and if you have to wonder…it just isn’t.
Let go of the idea of love and BE love.