Change is imminent. Embrace it. Learn from it. Grow with it. Don’t fight it. It’s all there is.
It pulls you along to places you need to go. It shows you who you really are. It tests your boundaries. It challenges your mind. It makes you feel things you may not want to feel. It holds your hand and guides you along a path of infinite possibilities.
When you give into change magic happens. Dreams come true. Lives change. Hope evolves into results. Movement builds momentum and resistance gives way to peace.
We are born to happiness. We block the flow when we resist change; when we cling to that which was meant to be at one time but is no longer a part of our destiny. We hold on to that which we know in fear of that which we don’t. But if you really stop and ask yourself whether the change that is before you is in keeping with your soul’s desires you will receive your answer not in your head but deep down within you where true knowledge lies. When you shut off the flow of information that comes from inside and accept the facade of that which you see before you it ultimately results in pain.

Today I will change because it feels right and I will marvel in the magic that is my life.