Once Upon A Time

Just BE

Once upon a time I was just me.

I didn’t have to tweet it, share it or take a picture of it.

I didn’t have to believe I was any more or less than I was and I certainly didn’t have to convince anyone else of it.

I wasn’t photoshopped, filmed, managed or mocked.

I didn’t need your approval nor was I addicted to your likes.

I didn’t check on the progress of my post or rely on your views to feel seen.

I moved through my life with the ease of knowing I may not be seen and I didn’t need to be.

The world had only two eyes and they were mine.

Those eyes looked into the face of others when we passed on the street, they saw the leaves blowing on the trees and the falling snow as it lightly landed on my eyelashes.

I walked with my head held high and I didn’t think about posting the beautiful scenery around me.

Once upon a time life was real and each moment simply passed without the need to capture it on a screen.

Once upon a time I was just me and you were just you and there was no need for our paths to criss cross multiple times throughout the day.

We didn’t need to survey and compare who we are and where each event in our life was leading us because once upon a time we simply lived for the joy of being and not the constant distraction of trying to be.


Create An Environment To Thrive In


Become a master of your own existence. Manipulate your surroundings to support your success. Even a flower needs the correct conditions to thrive.

We are organic creatures, we need enough water, food and sunlight to grow. Would you dare to put a full sun plant in the shade?

Your environment is at best simply keeping you alive.

You would feel like such an unsuccessful gardener if you went to the yard and saw a bunch of spindly plants with a few sparse leaves but no vibrant colour, no flowers to be seen. Would you feel okay about a garden full of life but no growth?

We look to place our plants in an environment that will cause them to thrive. We feed and water them according to the instructions. We transplant them and transport them when they outgrow the space where they reside yet we often refuse to do the same for ourselves.

We are withering and dying inside and we pump ourselves full of that which does not support our growth. We long to reach higher and expand yet we stay in environments that are squeezing and confining us. This causes stress and suffering.

The pressure within is building as our roots wind back around themselves blocking the flow of that which longs to travel to the dense nutrients that lie beyond our reach.

All life whether human or plant can only draw so much from it’s current space. What makes you so different from that geranium you place in your garden every spring?

Your instinct is to help it grow yet you are suffocating, starving and squeezing the life out of your own beautiful self.

It will feel strange in the beginning to have so much empty space around you. But after a while that too will be full and you will be so much bigger and stronger for being willing to step out into what now seems vast and empty but is so full of everything you really need.

Change Brings Change

Change-Quotes-8_thumb11We spend so much time in pursuit but I wonder how much time we spend preparing to receive.

If you are one of the blessed few who truly know what they want are you one of even fewer who is ready to receive it?

You must make room for the results and prepare yourself because when you get what you’re so fervently pursuing it will change you and it will change your life.

It will also tear from you some of the things you cherish most about your current life.

The bigger the pursuit, the bigger the change, the more you will need to release from the space you’re in now.

These are things to be considered yet not feared.

There are very unpleasant aspects to growing into something new unless you are currently living in absolute misery. Be prepared to let go.

Your fear will have you hanging onto the past while reaching for the future but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

Your wingspan is not wide enough to cling to both.

There is a point of free fall when you will not have a firm grasp on either.

It’s the free fall that makes the difference.

It’s the letting go of what is real in your physical world with nothing but faith in what is real in your imaginary world that prepares you to receive… and it is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do.

Success Is A Mindset


I try to hold a higher ground of positivity through most of my life. This is a learned behavior but I still struggle a lot. When I have a positive and healthy attitude towards life I’m generally pretty happy but not necessarily on the fast track to success. That’s because success is a mindset and my problem is focus. I know it and I readily admit it. My problem is also, without sounding inflated or arrogant, I’m generally pretty good at most things I do and I have many, many interests. I want to do it all before I die and I want to do it now! In order to find true success you must set your mind on one thing and stay focused on it until you have reached your highest level of accomplishment before moving on.
This is difficult for a creative mind with a tendency towards attention deficit. Ideas are literally exploding out of me on a regular basis and I find it so difficult to pick just one. So I have sat down to write out a business plan called “Sheila Corneil Inc.” and it involves answering some important questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. What am I best at and always have been?
  4. What behaviors do I portray that people most respond to in a positive way?
  5. What comes easiest to me?
  6. When am I happiest?
  7. What people motivate and inspire me?
  8. What traits do I most admire in others?
  9. What brings me peace?
  10. If there were 5 words people would use to describe me after I’m gone what would they be?
  11. What does my ideal lifestyle look like?
  12. If my children asked my advice on how to live a meaningful life what would I tell them?

To set your mind on what it is that will bring you true success you first must understand who you are and what drives you so passionately that you will be able to stick with the plan long after the initial burst of inspiration has fizzled and dried up. If you take the time to answer all of the above you will have clear insight on what matters most to you. These things lie at the foundation of your life’s purpose. Choose a lofty goal or aspiration for your future that fulfills all of the above but makes you a little bit scared. Set your mind on it and stay focused. Once you have achieved it you will have the means, the lifestyle and the people to allow you to try all those other things on your list.
Best of luck now get to work on your plan!