Where Does Your Darkness Lie?

Where does your darkness lie? Is it in the loss of words when you need to speak your mind. Is it in the thoughts that escape when you try to relate to the word around you? Is it in the dream you feel paralyzed to embrace? Is it in the hopes of your mismanaged self when you know there should be time for more but the thickness of the air stops you from reaching any further.

When darkness comes it is within us to retreat back into the familiar place of uncertainty and escape into fear. Who are we to rise above when the smallness within feels so big?

When darkness comes it is our past recoveries that can save us from ourselves. It is a reference of all we have achieved before and the pain the we have overcome that allows us to count our victories.

When darkness hovers near we are being watched by all who have succumb to its depth and need to believe in something other than the abyss into which they fall. Pay attention to the eyes upon you and be what is possible.

When the light is blinding the darkness feels safe. The fall, full of fear, is also touched by the bliss of release but in the end it’s the landing that hurts.

I see your light and it is so much bigger than your dark. Reach up and know that all the light that surrounds you can save you if you just believe in something bigger. Your safety relies on it. Your journey is intent on it and your capacity to grow bigger is fuelled by it.

Where does your darkness lie? It lies within all of us and so do does your light.

Once Upon A Time

Just BE

Once upon a time I was just me.

I didn’t have to tweet it, share it or take a picture of it.

I didn’t have to believe I was any more or less than I was and I certainly didn’t have to convince anyone else of it.

I wasn’t photoshopped, filmed, managed or mocked.

I didn’t need your approval nor was I addicted to your likes.

I didn’t check on the progress of my post or rely on your views to feel seen.

I moved through my life with the ease of knowing I may not be seen and I didn’t need to be.

The world had only two eyes and they were mine.

Those eyes looked into the face of others when we passed on the street, they saw the leaves blowing on the trees and the falling snow as it lightly landed on my eyelashes.

I walked with my head held high and I didn’t think about posting the beautiful scenery around me.

Once upon a time life was real and each moment simply passed without the need to capture it on a screen.

Once upon a time I was just me and you were just you and there was no need for our paths to criss cross multiple times throughout the day.

We didn’t need to survey and compare who we are and where each event in our life was leading us because once upon a time we simply lived for the joy of being and not the constant distraction of trying to be.


Change Brings Change

Change-Quotes-8_thumb11We spend so much time in pursuit but I wonder how much time we spend preparing to receive.

If you are one of the blessed few who truly know what they want are you one of even fewer who is ready to receive it?

You must make room for the results and prepare yourself because when you get what you’re so fervently pursuing it will change you and it will change your life.

It will also tear from you some of the things you cherish most about your current life.

The bigger the pursuit, the bigger the change, the more you will need to release from the space you’re in now.

These are things to be considered yet not feared.

There are very unpleasant aspects to growing into something new unless you are currently living in absolute misery. Be prepared to let go.

Your fear will have you hanging onto the past while reaching for the future but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

Your wingspan is not wide enough to cling to both.

There is a point of free fall when you will not have a firm grasp on either.

It’s the free fall that makes the difference.

It’s the letting go of what is real in your physical world with nothing but faith in what is real in your imaginary world that prepares you to receive… and it is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do.

Change Is All There Is



Change is imminent. Embrace it. Learn from it. Grow with it. Don’t fight it. It’s all there is.
It pulls you along to places you need to go. It shows you who you really are. It tests your boundaries. It challenges your mind. It makes you feel things you may not want to feel. It holds your hand and guides you along a path of infinite possibilities.
When you give into change magic happens. Dreams come true. Lives change. Hope evolves into results. Movement builds momentum and resistance gives way to peace.
We are born to happiness. We block the flow when we resist change; when we cling to that which was meant to be at one time but is no longer a part of our destiny. We hold on to that which we know in fear of that which we don’t. But if you really stop and ask yourself whether the change that is before you is in keeping with your soul’s desires you will receive your answer not in your head but deep down within you where true knowledge lies. When you shut off the flow of information that comes from inside and accept the facade of that which you see before you it ultimately results in pain.

Today I will change because it feels right and I will marvel in the magic that is my life.