Where Does Your Darkness Lie?

Where does your darkness lie? Is it in the loss of words when you need to speak your mind. Is it in the thoughts that escape when you try to relate to the word around you? Is it in the dream you feel paralyzed to embrace? Is it in the hopes of your mismanaged self when you know there should be time for more but the thickness of the air stops you from reaching any further.

When darkness comes it is within us to retreat back into the familiar place of uncertainty and escape into fear. Who are we to rise above when the smallness within feels so big?

When darkness comes it is our past recoveries that can save us from ourselves. It is a reference of all we have achieved before and the pain the we have overcome that allows us to count our victories.

When darkness hovers near we are being watched by all who have succumb to its depth and need to believe in something other than the abyss into which they fall. Pay attention to the eyes upon you and be what is possible.

When the light is blinding the darkness feels safe. The fall, full of fear, is also touched by the bliss of release but in the end it’s the landing that hurts.

I see your light and it is so much bigger than your dark. Reach up and know that all the light that surrounds you can save you if you just believe in something bigger. Your safety relies on it. Your journey is intent on it and your capacity to grow bigger is fuelled by it.

Where does your darkness lie? It lies within all of us and so do does your light.

The Darkness Within

aloneJust decide that you want to make a difference and you will.
You are a living breathing message of hope and change whether you know it or not.
No matter who you are or how insignificant you believe yourself to be every day offers a chance to inspire one person with your attitude or enable them with your voice.
Take a look back at your life and recognize the patterns and the lessons and the experiences that continue to repeat themselves, whether good or bad, because they are the clues to your legacy.
Take a look at your greatest accomplishments and your greatest failures or struggles and find the parallels that lie within for they are intricately connected.
Every great obstacle you overcome becomes your lesson to teach; your message to share.
You may not choose to share in a large public forum but rising above difficulty with patience, love and a smile is what affects change in those around you, even if it is just family, friends and colleagues.
Freedom is only ever about attitude. You must find freedom within the confines of your mind before you will ever find it in relationships or money or profession.
It is your ability to stand up as a leader in your life, emulate those who shine, set your sights on a bigger brighter environment for those you love that brings the freedom you desire.
I have seen the darkness and have come to realize it rests within me, always.
It rises to the surface when I take my eyes off what is good and right and beautiful in my life.
It weighs me down when I stop believing in the work I’m doing and refuse to see the change that is happening all around me.
It threatens to drown me like a heavy rock I hold within my arms until I simply let go.
My affirmation for you on this day is this,
Today I will choose to accept that although the darkness is always there it is only because I have closed my eyes. Every moment that I feel pain or uncertainty; anxiety or depression; fear or abandonment; I will simply acknowledge 10 things around me that are beautiful and I will know that my choice to do so is the foundation of the difference I’ve decided to make.

With love,